Pet Vaccines

We provide pet vaccines services at the Orchards Veterinary Clinic.

dog cat sitting together

Vaccinations shield animals from infection and sickness and considerably lessen their severity. Pet vaccinations also shield owners from zoonotic illnesses, or conditions that can spread from animals to people. Leptospirosis and rabies are two zoonotic illnesses that frequently harm our pets. In addition to the lifestyle of the pet being vaccinated (such as whether they are indoor or outdoor), travel, grooming, and boarding habits, underlying sickness (such as immune-mediated disorders), pre-existing ailments, and risk of exposure are all important considerations. Together, you and your Orchards Veterinary Clinic veterinarian will decide which vaccinations your pet needs.

The mechanism by which vaccines operate is to introduce an antigen (a tiny fragment or component of the illness) into the body, which prompts the immune system to generate