Pet Dentistry

We provide pet dentistry services at the Orchards Veterinary Clinic.

Pet Dentistry Services

Pet health depends on proper dental care. On a pet’s teeth and gums, germs and plaque can accumulate, just like in humans, causing illness, tooth decay, and even tooth loss. Because of this, Orchards Veterinary Clinic offers both standard and sophisticated dental operations at our clinic, all of which are carried out in accordance with strict anaesthesia and monitoring guidelines. Our veterinary staff has years of experience in pet dentistry, and they will collaborate with you to create a plan of care that is tailored to your pet’s specific requirements.

The greatest treatment for your pet is our first priority at our Orchards Veterinary Clinic. Because of this, we provide a broad range of services, including pet digital dental radiology. We can inspect closely thanks to this cutting-edge diagnostic equipment.